Sunday, July 01, 2007

New Character and Vehicle Designs

Here's a couple of new character and vehicle designs I've been working on. The top one is a heroine and her sidekick based on the main personalities of the Chinese creation myth. The god Pangu created the world, then Nuwa created people. At some point after creation the world fell into chaos and Nuwa struggled to restore order to the world. Sounds like an excellent inspiration for a super heroine to me. I think I might develop their backstory further in the future. I had a bit of a struggle with getting all the reflections to work well in her suit. I think it was an excellent learning experience. I think I've got the mojo of the physics of it all down pretty well now.

I was inspired to do the second piece when I saw a kick-ass fully restored, cherry 1968 Camaro at a shop where Hally's car was being fixed. It was up on the hydraulic lift and I was able to really thoroughly examine it. It looked so aggresive and I imagined that it could make a pretty intimidating Mad-Max-style war machine in a post-apocalyptic world. voila.