Friday, December 01, 2006

Paintings for the Salinas Gallery

Last month I signed up with a co-op gallery in old town Salinas through a friend of a friend. It's right by the Steinbeck center, so it gets some pretty decent foot traffic. They liked my work a lot so they're pretty much letting me do anything I want within reason. They particularly liked the "comfy chair" painting, so I decided to do a series of paintings with a similar theme. For the past few weeks I've been tirelessly painting to create something to sell.

This'll be really good for me because it'll really, truly force me to paint a lot more AND it'll teach me to be able to part with my paintings, which has always been hard for me - particularly because I haven't been very prolific. I'm also going to work on the speed of my painting, which may seem like a bit of a trite concern, but I really think I'll benefit greatly from that. From here on I'm going to be very experimental with my paintings. Right now I'm working on some much looser work, making extensive use of the pallette knife, which creates some pretty cool effects once you get comfortable with it.

These 3 paintings are what I've come up with. Let me know what you all think.